Wednesday, March 23, 2016


I heard another wonderful after-death godshot recently. Three cool new ones, in fact.

Kate, a woman at a 12-step meeting, was describing the day her dog Rufus died. Rufus had been suffering and she was not sure whether to put the dog to sleep or not. She finally agreed with the vet that this was the best course of action. But after she and her husband put Rufus to sleep, Kate was full of fear and doubt. She couldn't stop crying. She asked the universe (and God) for a sign or calming thought that she had done the right thing.

She went to work at the mall that evening. An hour after she got to work, her husband called her. He sounded bewildered and frantic. He asked her, "What is this dog doing on our couch? Did you go out and get a new dog?"

She said, "What dog on our couch? What are you talking about?"

The husband looked at the dog tags and the saw the name of the dog: "Rufus." The same name as their dog they had just put to sleep. He called the number on the dog tag and found that the owner was wondering where her dog was. It turns out that the pet sitting place dropped the dog off at the wrong home. Apparently the housekeeper who had been working at their house that day, let the dog inside.

Kate hadn't used that pet sitting place for three years. It had been three years since she had been there. And on this night, a dog named Rufus ended up on her couch.

The pet sitting place had obviously mixed up the addresses they had on file for two dogs named "Rufus." The person dropping off the dog, took it to the wrong house.

Kate and her husband immediately knew this was a godshot: a glimpse of uncanny, beautiful synchronicity. It was Rufus saying hi from the other side, letting them know he was okay. They laughed out loud and felt that everything was going to be all right. 



GodShots®: Supernatural miracles or mere coincidences?

In my new TV and book series of MIRACLES and uncanny SYNCHRONICITY proves the existence of a loving powerful force in the universe that interacts with you, shows off for you, and gives you the desires of your heart. 

How to access this power? How to align yourself with this free power?  This book gives you the key. 

GodShots describes how to see, manifest and experience "miracles" (which are actually natural laws) in your life, instantly. It is also the thrilling story of what happened to the author during her crash, burn and near-death experience.

Godshots is not a religious term. Religion is man-made. But the spirit of Love that created this beautiful universe is beyond anything in the material world.  The term "God" has become misused and often puts people off until they really know what and who God is. Religion can be wonderful and healiing, and offer great comfort. But it is not necessary to be religious to acces this Great Power, as the Great Peacemaker said "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you."

A Godshot is a snapshot of wonder, of uncanny synchronicity. It can feel supernatural or magical. Once you get into the flow of manifesting your dreams, you'll wonder what took you so long. It is a glimpse into the invisible harmony and beauty of the universe, and a way to interact with the creative force that is waiting to play with you. I know this sounds bizarre, but until you've experienced this wonderful synchronicity, you won't believe it exists.  Some say it's a "shot of the divine."

Godshots is sometimes heard in recovery or 12-step programs to describe wonderfully supernatural events in everyday life. When my first one happened, I yelled "GodShot" and I haven't stopped using the word since. Everyday I have experienced moments of magical synchronicity. The key is to be grateful and to seek it out. The force of love that created this spectacular, wonderful universe is a force I call 'God." But I am not talking about the archaic anthropomorphic "fear and punishment" version of God that many people unfortunately grew up to believe was real. This is not God. God is LOVE. What would love do? Every moment in your life is a choice between love and fear. Love casts out fear.  

 The author experienced a set of mind-boggling godshots when she got sober in 1994. At the end of her rope, banktupt, without hope -- in one moment everything changed.  A series of absolute miracles happened to her -- neon signs that were unmistakenly real but beyond the mortal realm. She figured out how to recreate these miracles in her life on a daily basis. This book tells her story and shows you how to do it yourself. Instantly transform your life.

I was furious at my husband, wishing I had never married him  – and I prayed out loud to the universe: “Show me why I am in this difficult marriage. What am I dong here?" At that moment my stepson Kevin walked in the door with a homemade Mother’s Day card he had made at school. Kevin was nine years old, and had never called me Mom or mother before, even though I had raised him since the age of four. He was born with ‘brittle bone disease’ (Osteogenesis Imperfecta.)  So he walks into my office and hands me this Mother’s Day card a day early. It says: Dear Mom, Thank you for taking care of me and raising me. Thank you for teaching me how to heal my bones and telling me about God. Love, Your stepson, Kevin.” (That's a godshot) 
Godshots (TM) is a book company and non-profit (in process) in which you can own your own franchise and create your own book.

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GodShots is different from the Chicken Soup for the Soul Franchise in that you get to share in the profits, start your own book and create wealth for your favorite needy cause. Godshots has a mission to help the economy by creating small businesses in every community, city, neighborhood and state -- across the country. Our goal is to help people all over America and the world to create miracles in their lives, prove to others that miracles happen, peek into the fabric of the universe, understand Quantum physics, and help others by sharing these amazing stories. Our goal is to eliminate depression, suicides and give HOPE to others. Right now, for only $4.95, you can order your own Godshots Book Primer that will be sent to your email in pdf.

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